It's something that you think only happens to other people or that happens only on TV or movies. But, what would you do if you woke up one morning to a strange looking package that one, you weren't expecting and two, it looks like it could possibly cause you harm?

According to News 10, the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad got the call Sunday morning to come out and check out a suspicious looking package in Owosso. The package was located on North Shiawassee Street on the 1100 block.

There were apparently wires sticking out of the package in question and a liquid inside the package but the good news is there was nothing inside the package that could blow up and cause harm or damage. Now here's the deal...while the package was harmless, things may not turn out as well for the culprits of this whole thing because the authorities are investigating.

Get more information about the story here from News 10.

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