The national school ratings website Niche is out with its rankings for 2024, and it's not great news for one particular Mid-Michigan high school.

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How Do High Schools Get Rankings?

Niche employs a rather complicated and convoluted process to determine its ranking for America's high schools each year.

It looks at a variety of data, including millions of online reviews and survey responses from students and parents, as well as public data from government sources such as the U.S. Census and the U.S. Department of Education.

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Next, Niche's data team uses what it refers to as "advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to compare, score, and connect millions of data points to thoroughly analyze U.S. schools". The result is a letter-graded report card issued annually for high schools all over the nation, on subjects ranging from academics and diversity to their teachers and levels of college preparedness.

Michigan's Worst High Schools

We filtered Niche's data to show us all the high schools that received overall letter grades of "D" for 2024 - to include D+, D, and D- ratings.

Of the 25 Michigan high schools that got a "D" grade, 13 of them were "D-" (the lowest grade given by Niche). One of those D- high schools is in Mid-Michigan.

Photo via GoogleMaps
Lincoln Alternative High School in Owosso. Photo via GoogleMaps

Lincoln Alternative High School in Owosso gets a D- from Niche.

Only 10% of Lincoln Alternative students are proficient in reading, and only 10% are proficient in math according to Niche's data. Its average graduation rate is listed at 45%.

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The school got its poorest marks in Academics, Administration and College Prep. Slightly better marks came for the school's faculty, diversity and sports programs. Lincoln Alternative High School's resources and facilities were rated above average.

Check out the rest of the Michigan high schools that landed in the "D" range here.

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