What was your high school mascot growing up?

Were you a Wildcat? Maybe a Viking? Perhaps a Panther?

If you were any of those three, your school's mascot was among the top ten most common high school mascot names in Michigan, according to a study in the Manistee News.

Of course, it's possible that your old school has changed mascots since you were a student. One example is Okemos High School, which in 2022 changed from its longtime mascot the "Chiefs" to the "Wolves", citing cultural sensitivities.

Or maybe instead of choosing a more mainstream mascot name, your school went the other direction and picked something unique, such as the Tractors of Dearborn Fordson, the Copper Kings of Calumet, or even the Nimrods of Watersmeet.

Different mascot names appear to be more popular in certain areas of Michigan. For instance, schools along the southernmost tier of counties along the borders of Indiana and Ohio are more likely to call themselves the Bulldogs than anything else. However, when you consider the state as a whole, Bulldogs is not the most common Michigan mascot name. And even though they're in the Top 10 statewide, you won't find any Warriors or Tigers in the Upper Peninsula.

Region by region, county by county, and district by district - we sorted through all of Michigan's high school mascots and determined which ones were the most common. Which mascot do you think more schools use than any other in the state? Take your guess and scroll through our list below to see if you're right!

10 Most Common High School Mascots in Michigan

You ever wonder what the most common high school mascots in Michigan are? We did the research and figured it out for you. Here are the Top 10.

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