As we speak, the battle to decide whether or not there will be a 2020 Major League Baseball season is being waged. It's not looking good right now. The COVID-19 pandemic has already erased two months of play. Now, the fight is about how much the players will get paid for playing a shortened season. The lowest paid players stand to make about half of what they would normally make - maybe $250,000 this year. The highest paid players stand to only make about a quarter of what they would have made. Some will have to make do with only $5 million or so. I get it - nobody likes pay cuts. So drink cheaper beer and get rid of some of the premium cable channels.

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And think of the fans. If there's no baseball season, there's no day at the ballpark (the crowds will be back, eventually) And that means no t-shirt cannon, no warm beer and cold hot dogs, no people watching, no mascots. And no theme nights - Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz and Star Wars. (I've found that Star Wars and MLB are in LOVE with each other) No bonding with your kids or your parents. That's no way to go through a summer.

So, players, quit your whining and take the $5 million, so I can get a selfie with Paws.

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