Have you ever been scrolling through social media and seen those satisfying videos of people cleaning?

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I know it sounds weird, but I swear that some of the videos I see the most, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, are the videos of the satisfying before, during, and after cleaning videos. The ones where you're shown something really disheveled or something that really needs some cleaning, and it's left sparkling at the end are truly the best.

In a way, they are so oddly satisfying, no matter what the person happens to be cleaning.

But what if they happen to be cleaning something at a place you've been to before? That would make it all the more interesting, right? To know that you've been there and then see a video of it being cleaned go viral on social media, that's pretty cool. And it happened recently with a pizza place in Owosso, Michigan.

Val's Pizza in Owosso, Michigan

Doing my recent scrolling through social media, I came upon a cleaning video that had me hooked. It was going to show us how certain equipment in a pizza place was cleaned. And if you paid enough attention at the beginning of the video, you'd see not only the name of the business (Val's Pizza), but you'd also see the 989 area code. This brings us to Val's Pizza in Owosso.

This video went so viral on Facebook that it's been watched approximately 8.7 million times, and has 3,800 reactions and 133 comments. If you like satisfying cleaning videos, or you think it's cool to see the inside working of how Val's Pizza gets cleaned, you've got to check out this mesmerizing video.

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