All I can say is bless and let's give a hearty thank you to all of our nurses and caregivers especially in the hard-hit state of Michigan the last 2 years with the pandemic. My daughter Presley is a nurse in Las Vegas and has been for a year now and I could not be more proud of her.

In my book, they all need to be paid well and have all the tools they need to care for the people they take care of day after day.

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The Contract Is Over

Here is the deal, unionized caregivers at Sparrow Hospital are going to picket outside the main campus in downtown Lansing. Their contract is now over.

The contract that covers some 2,200 nurses, pharmacists, and lab scientists ran out on October 30th according to

I guess Union president Katie Pontifex says they asked members to accept a one-year deal extension so there would not be any layoffs.


They willingly took minimal raises and froze their longevity bonuses. Fast forward to spring and we find out that our managers, our administrators and our executives all received their 2020 bonuses,” Pontifex said. “They were, from what we’ve confirmed, hefty payouts. It was a real smack in the face.



Latest on Raises For Nurses and Caregivers

Sparrow Chief Nursing Officer Amy Brown says the hospital is proposing some pay increases. Gosh, this is still a very critical time for everyone and I sure hope all of this gets worked out very soon.  We need our nurses happy and their patients safe.

The good news is Sparrow Chief Nursing Officer Amy Brown just said that the hospital is proposing some pay increases. Fingers crossed.


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