I know a guy.

He's a firefighter in Lansing. He's been one for many years.

Just about every time I run into him I ask him with the greatest respect, "How's the hero business treating you?"

He kind of chuckles and says, "Good".

I mean every word of it. I have always believed from the bottom of my heart that the men and women who commit their lives to the betterment of others isn't just a "job".

It's a calling. And yes, they are heroes. Whether they think so or not.

I'm talking Firefighters, Police, EMT's, the Military, Doctors, Nurses and many people that I may have forgotten who put other's lives ahead of their own. Every single second of their day. Every day.

Look...I realize there have been incidents and situations lately that haven't reflected the most positive light on law enforcement officials and the like. But I can only operate from the standpoint of the multitude of people I have known over the years who have been heroes in my eyes and first responders. Every single one of them have been and still are the best of the best. Not only as professionals in their chosen field but also in life. I am honored to call many of them my friends.

All of this being said, it made me very happy to see that in an article on the News 10 website that first responders in Ingham County could get some more money.


Check the article out and see what is happening on the News 10 website.

And here's to our Heroes who make a difference every minute of every day. Thank you and God Bless You.

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