Last Friday night, a woman named Linda Marcarelli took video from a parking lot south of Ann Arbor. According to, the video shows what appears to be a fireball in the sky, shedding debris. While it sounds like that might fit the description of a meteor, experts shown the video say the object was moving too slow to be a meteor or comet. She was facing north at the time. The Ann Arbor Airport would've been to the south of Linda's location.

Some have speculated that it might have been a dying satellite. Some even suggest that it might have had something to do with the crash of the Samsung SpaceSelfie craft that crashed the next morning near Saginaw - directly north of Ann Arbor.

And - let's not forget - this was the night before a huge football game for Michigan, against Notre Dame. The area where the fireball would have been traveling would correspond to an area full of frat houses. So, my two cents? Frat fireworks?

Or was it "swamp gas", like the U.S. Air Force explained the mysterious Michigan UFO sightings around Ann Arbor, in 1966?

What do you know about this sighting?

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