With Christmas right around the corner (at the moment of writing this, we have T-Minus 5 days, 7 hours, 34 minutes, and a few seconds until Christmas Day - Christmas Countdown Clock), there are tons of packages getting delivered. And that means, there's tons of potential for thieves to snatch those packages off the porch.

You've probably heard your fair share of stories where people receive notice that their package has been delivered, but the recipient never actually gets it.. that's because all it takes is for bold person to decide they want whatever your package has, and to walk up to your porch and snatch it. That's what happened to Mark Rober.

According to Upworthy, Mark Rober had a package stolen from his porch, had video evidence of who did it and how, and even took it to the police, but nothing was done. Nothing, that is, until Rober decided to do something about it. Rober spent 6 months "designing, planning and testing" a "glitter bomb", designed to get back at those porch package thieves. Rober used his own knowledge (he helped design the Mars Rover), along with some help from friends, to create this "glitter bomb", and it was a smashing success! You've got to check it out yourself. The video is both hilarious and informative. Beware, there are some swear words, but they are bleeped out.

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