Okay, so if you watched last night's game between Seattle and San Fransisco, you know that Seattle cornerback, Richard Sherman said some things about Michael Crabtree, that weren't very nice. Some people have said that because of how Sherman acted and what he said in the post-game interview that they will now be cheering for Denver in the big game. And yes,Sherman may be an idiot...but...there are some other guys on the Seahawks team that are worth cheering for and Derrick Coleman is one of those guys.

If you don't know, Derrick Coleman is the first deaf offensive player in the NFL and has relied on lip-reading since he was three years old. Coleman says that he may play in the loudest stadium in the NFL and even though he can't hear the fans, he can feel them. His road to the NFL is highlighted in a new Duracell ad and NBC News recently did a story on Coleman. The Duracell ad has been seen over 7.6 million times on YouTube.