Do you remember hearing about Mountain Dew ice cream earlier this summer?

Mountain Dew Ice Cream in Michigan

It's been an annual tradition for the last few years at Dairy Whip, an ice cream shop in Redford, Michigan. They release this specialty flavor for one week only during the summer.

While the Mountain Dew soft serve has come and gone already this summer, Dairy Whip has another pop confection they're serving up, and this weekend is the last opportunity to enjoy it.

Plus, it's got a Pure Michigan twist.

Faygo Flavored Soft Serve Ice Cream in Southeast Michigan

Set your GPS to head to 26215 Plymouth Road, Redford to get your hands on a cone of their specialty Faygo-flavored soft serve: Rock & Rye.

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The Rock & Rye-inspired soft serve is available for a limited run, as it's the flavor of the week. And this weekend is the last chance to be able to enjoy it.

I bet Rock & Rye soft serve would pair excellently with a cherry dip.

Where to Find Faygo-Inspired Ice Cream in Michigan

Dairy Whip isn't the only place you can find Faygo-flavored ice cream...

Brown Dog Barlor & Restaurant in Northville, and now also Brown Dog at Lansing Shuffle, serves up some Faygo-inspired ice creams.

If you can't make it down to Redford, there are plenty of places to get ice cream in the Lansing area. Check out the spots below.

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