What are the chances that we will get through winter without a big snow storm this year? Well since the first two weeks of November were in the low 70s, I think there is a chance. To be honest I don't mind a little snow, especially over Christmas. I mean what would winter be without a snow ball fight, sledding, or watching our youngsters playing in the snow? I sure wouldn't mind though if spring comes early, like say the middle of March.

Just to remind you of what winter in Michigan typically looks like, here is a look back at the five biggest snowstorms we have had in Michigan according to grandpashorters.com:

  1. The White Hurricane of 1913 (Snow falls of 2 feet and more hit towns and cities across Michigan.)
  2. The Late May Snowstorm of 1923 (Yep in May...crazy huh? And the following day, a low-pressure system joined up with the cold front, leaving six to nine inches of snow over most of the area.)
  3. The Blizzard of 1967 (The storm brought Michigan to a standstill for two days. Dairy farmers had to dump milk that couldn’t be delivered, and state troopers relied on the National Guard for transportation.)
  4. The Great Blizzard of 1978 (Wind gusts were between 50 and 70 mph and wind chills were as cold as 30 below.)
  5. The North American Blizzard of 1999 (Detroit Metro left passengers stranded in planes on the runway for hours, and it was days before airports were running back to normal.)

Would you be upset if we did not get any snow this year? What's your prediction of inches of snow we're gonna get this winter?

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