This second shutdown has caused people to begin hoarding cleaning supplies as store shelves are getting cleaned out again.

I don't know about you, but I learned a lesson on the last shutdown, and that lesson was be prepared for it to happen again.

Since the first shutdown I have been picking up extra toilet paper, masks, gloves, alcohol wipes, lysol and hand sanitizer so I am good for a long time. I also kept my freezer constantly stocked.

Now that new orders are in place in Michigan and many states across the United States, people are re-upping their stockpiles and stores are already beginning to struggle to keep up with a demand that was recently under control for the most part.

According to WOOD, Walmart says they are already having trouble keeping up with the demand of cleaning supplies. Kroger and Publix grocery stores are already putting limits on toilet paper, paper towels and other items while Amazon is already sold out of most alcohol wipes and paper towels.

I remember back in March and April on how tough it was to get cleaning supplies especially when they cut down the hours of shopping at places like Meijer and Walmart. I tend to shop late at night to avoid crowds and to also catch the fresh stocking of items.

Right now it looks like paper products are disappearing as fast as they get stocked on store shelves.

I have noticed in the past six weeks that I could pretty much get anything I would need from most stores when it comes to cleaning supplies. Which means the supply chains had been restored and it seemed things were getting back to normal as far as being able to keep my shelves stocked.

Hopefully this new surge doesn't put stores behind on having supplies that consumers need to protect their families during the pandemic.

I'm sure that in home learning across the state are causing a need for families to get more supplies to protect their children who are back at home again all day.

According to WOOD, Consumer Brands Association CEO and President Geoff Freeman said, "a more informed consumer combined with a more informed manufacturer and a more informed retailer should provide all of us with a greater sense of ease and ensure we can meet this growing demand."

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