Earlier this week I did my own little survey and asked a few people around town to name some of the worst Christmas gifts they ever received.

Keep in mind - and to be fair - the items below are not necessarily terrible – they just embarrassed or disappointed the ones who received them.

1) “Golden Girls” Granny Panties.

2) Jonas Brothers lunch box. It was given to a man in his 40s.

3) A coupon for 10% off a brand-new sofa. The sofa was $4,000. That means they still would have had to pay $3,600.

4) A mounted plastic fish that moved its head and sang “Take Me To The River” whenever you walked by.

5) Barf soda pop. It's real.

6) A used record album that had somebody else's name written on it.

7) Bugs Bunny TV remote holder. The bottom was filled with sand so it wouldn't fall off the arm chair. It wouldn't even stay ON the arm chair.

8) Coupon for an inexpensive dinner for two at a local restaurant. The coupon had expired in the 1960s.

9) Handerpants – underwear for your hands.

10) Weebles Treehouse Playset from Grandma....except the person who received it was in his 20s.

How about YOU?
What were some of YOUR worst holiday gifts?

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