I love the ways restaurants across the country are coming up with new ideas to keep folks going out to dinner during COVID-19. I will personally keep going out to dinner this winter to help out our local businesses and of course to get out and unwind during the pandemic.

The city of Brighton, which is about a 40 minute drive from Lansing, has several restaurants that are considering trying out "igloo dining." The restaurants discussed in the Detroit Free Press article are Champ's Pub, The Wooden Spoon, and El Àrbol.

I think this is so cool (no pun intended) and that it will be fun to dine in an Igloo. I mean if it was good enough for the Eskimos, it's good enough for me. The domes will be made of clear plastic and snap together. They can be heated with space heaters. This could be a big thing for restaurants across the country trying to survive during COVID 19.

Another reason this is a good idea if you think about it is these igloos will have outdoor ventilation. So with that along with wearing masks, washing your hands frequently, and carrying hand sanitizer, your dinner will be very safe. Plus it will be a new fun way to dine with your family and friends.

So is igloo dining something you would try? Should more restaurants start thinking about doing this?

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