As I've admitted here before - I'm a fan of the show "Project Runway". (Go ahead - take my "man-card" away. That thing was gone sometime in the mid 90s when the house I lived in turned into "Girl-World")

Tonight, one of Grand Ledge's Buitendorp twins, who are competing in the current season on Project Runway - WILL be going home. Unless there's some twist I hadn't thought of. At the end of last week, the twins were told that they would compete one on one to see who would go home. This, on a show that paints the twins as annoying brats. They may be that (I've never met them), but I wonder how much of that is in the way the show is edited. I'm sure they don't really care. They've already been successful designers in the real world, with Katy Perry wearing some of their designs during recent concert tours. They're probably busy right now making things for her to wear while she judges "American Idol".

But, tonight it'll be twin sister vs twin sister. Loser goes home.

Brutal, but exactly what the fans wanted. It's the fashion world's version of pro wrestling's "steel-cage match".

And if Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are reading this - my wife would like to invite you to our house for Thanksgiving. Seriously. We've had that discussion at our house. FYI - my picks were Chuck Yeager and Buzz Aldrin. But, I'll take Heidi and Tim anytime.


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