Yeah, I watch "Project Runway".

I usually wear jeans and t-shirts (hoodie sweatshirts in winter) and the most excited I ever get about buying clothes is when they're camo and have some sort of  "scent-blocking" properties. But, there I am, with my lovely wife (she's the one who got me started on it), watching whenever a new season of Project Runway comes on. I think the fact that they're actually CREATING something, on a time limit (not just getting drunk and fighting) is what makes it interesting. I don't bring this fact up a lot at "deer camp", but....

So, let's review. Here are the reality shows I watch on a regular basis:
1. Curse of Oak Island

2. Hunting Hitler.

3. Forged in Fire

4. Ancient Aliens (Is that a reality show? I don't care - it's on the list)

And 5. Project Runway. (The real one - not the one with kids)

And the big news this season (which starts tomorrow night (August 17th) is the twins from Grand Ledge, Claire and Shawn Buitendorp, who will be competing on the show. According to the Lansing State Journal, they already both have careers as fashion designers and they've already been featured on a VH1 reality show about twins, where they won $222,000.

Good luck, ladies. Here's the story.


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