We have been writing and talking a lot about how many new businesses are opening in the Lansing area. There have been quite a few the last 6 months, from stores expanding and adding new locations to new start ups.  It's a great sign for the economy in the area, and things are starting to get back to normal.

Here is more good news from fox47news.com. MSU Federal Credit Union developers have a plan in the works to build an office building in East Lansing.

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MSUFCU is a really vital part of our economy," said City Manager George Lahanas. "It’s a strong East Lansing company. It’s a great employer in the

The proposed development will be built right next to Dublin Square's outdoor patio.

"On the corner of Abbot and Albert road there’s a parking lot there and that will be used for the construction of the building,” Lahanas said.


Many people are excited and pushing for this to happen, even the Mayor. The only drawback that may stop this from happening is the lack of space. The way things have been popping up in East Lansing and Downtown Lansing these days, room can really be an issue. The land that they were holding for future development may be torn down to make more room, and they could even take down a small apartment building.

I live downtown, and I am in East Lansing quite a bit. I like the idea of it expanding even more. All the demolition and construction could start this summer. We will keep you posted on all the happenings on the expansions in East Lansing and Downtown.

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