The economy seems to be getting better and better every week and every time you turn around we see, hear or read something about new businesses opening or looking to hire new employees.

Some even offering some nice signing bonuses to get you on board. So if are looking for a job do your homework on signing bonuses and benefits. You may even want to look around for job fairs in the Lansing area.

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Where and When?

So, if you live in the Charlotte area there is another new business opening soon says

The popular auto supplier Shinwon USA is bringing a new production facility to the city of Charlotte. Plus they are going to start pre-production operations as soon as next month. In case you're wondering what they make, well it's plastic parts for cars and trucks.

The buttons that you have to click to change your radio station or the heat or air" said general manager Gina Blackburn. "We have a partner that's electronics, so we might do the plastic that's for the sensor. We don't do the sensor part, but we do the plastic that encases the sensors for backing up, how you see your cameras.



I guess you need a lot of room to make all these parts because Shinwon USA is leasing a 50,000 square foot building at 400 Parkland Drive. Apparently, they have been haggling with the owner and would like to buy it in the next 2 years.

Hiring For These Jobs

More good news too, Shinwon USA will be hiring18 to 30 people. Jobs like labor positions, and will like to hire a production manager, quality engineer, and fill shipping and receiving positions.

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