Looks like 2022 will be bringing a lot of fun, excitement, and plenty of things to do in the Lansing area.  Many concerts have been announced already this year at Pine knob which recently got its name back.

Many spring and summer festivals have been put on the schedule for Mid-Michigan as well with spring approaching next month.

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20 Years InTthe Making

If you're a fan or are planning on seeing some performing arts shows featuring, music, dance, and drama get ready to be in the audience in a new building.

Check this out, a performing arts center about 20 years in the making may be on its way to Downtown Lansing.

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor announced plans today to build a mid-sized concert venue and arts hub this year on a vacant lot at the southwest corner of South Washington Avenue and West Lenawee Street in downtown Lansing. A Dymaxion Development of Lansing, led by Jeff Deehan and Brent Forsberg, was named the developer.


It's gonna be called The Ovation. they are hoping this will fill the empty market niche between smaller venues and the 2,000-seat Wharton Center. They are also hoping to bring rock, country, hip-hop, comedy, as well as other shows that could slip through the Lansing area to play in Detroit or Grand Rapids.

Great For Downtown Lansing.

This will be amazing for the Lansing area and we will keep you posted on all the details as they happen. Talks between city officials, developers, and prospective tenants will continue in the weeks to come.'

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