Yep, I know it seems like a long time away but before we know it the holidays will be over, 2022 will be here, and yes we will be enjoying the Michigan waters and summer breezes in the Mitten.

Winters are fun here for me for 2 reasons, skiing, and Christmas is alway a good time of year to live here with plenty of holiday fun to be had.

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Summers in Michigan is a blast and my favorite time of year because we get to fish, go to festivals, concerts and enjoy life in the sunshine and under the stars.

And now we in the Lansing area get to do something different and fun.  Shuffleboard anyone?

Shuffleboard anyone?

Check it out, the Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club say it's not just grandma and grampas sport anymore.

It will be opening in the summer of 2022 and will help build Lansing's reputation as a food and entertainment destination according to

And There Is Much Much More

I like playing shuffleboard, it's fun like horseshoes. I guess when it opens next year it will also be joined by eight restaurants, two bars, shuffleboard courts, and plenty of room to mingle. I love it.

We don't want to sit down for a long meal," said Jonathan Hartzell, director of development for Detroit Rising. "We want to get up and explore and taste a bunch of bites. The intent is to provide more entertainment and experiential dining options for people in downtown Lansing, especially young professionals.

I live downtown and I am excited about this, just adding to the variety of fun things to do in Downtown Lansing.

The Lansing Shuffleboard and Social Club are currently accepting applications from restaurants interested in leasing space there.

The redevelopment project was approved by the city council last year for the former city market, but since then, it's faced delays due to the pandemic, price increases, and supply chain issues. Bring it on, this will be cool.


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