Grocery store shopping has never been easier. You can go online and buy your food and have it delivered or order and go pick it up when it's ready. Personally I like to go to the store because I like to see what I am buying, especially when it comes to meat and produce. But if you are so busy one week, it is cool to have this option if you need it.

The newest grocery store to open in the Lansing area is Meijer Capitol City Market in downtown Lansing in the Block 600 building. I live right there, and I went to the grand opening on 10/14. I have to tell you I was VERY impressed. Not only were the prices great but the store is beautiful. The staff was very friendly and even wanted us to let them know if we did not find what we liked and they would order it for you.

The meat and produce looked amazing and they even had a specialty counter for prime steaks. There was fresh sushi being put out and the deli looked incredible.

There is a high wall of liquor, and if they did not have something you liked, I would be surprised. It was massive. Plus there is an outstanding wine department.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

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