Are you spending more or less since the pandemic started? I have definitely spent more on food and eating out. I've also noticed that prices at the higher grocery store are a lot higher. I am even saving coupons these days. I've paid as much at 2 for 5 bucks for  avocados, 8 bucks for a pound of bacon and over 5 bucks for a box of cereal. I seem to be stopping more at convenience stores lately, too, which can get quite expensive. It's so easy to get gas and then run in and pick up something rather than running to the grocery store

If you have noticed that prices are higher than usual lately, you're probably looking for ways to save a few bucks. Here are some ways to save money and tips on grocery shopping according to Ramsey Every Dollar.

The most important thing is to budget. I have never been good at setting up a budget, but you should know what you are gonna spend each month. And of course we all know to not to go to the grocery store hungry. Seriously, I went to the grocery store last month for milk and a few items and I was starving. I came home with $112 in food and most of it was not healthy. But it was delicious lol

Also, remember to spend time meal planning every week. When you're in the store, shop for your pantry, fridge and freezer. You want to make sure that you have an equal amount of food in each of those places. And don't forget to clip and save those coupons!

Have any good shopping tips? Let us know!

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