The Lansing restaurant scene has changed so much over the last couple of years.

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Whether it's due to Covid, supply chain shortages, hiring challenges, or something else, sadly we've seen many a restaurant close its doors for the last time. Places like American Bistro, Punk Taco, and Wings Over East Lansing are just a few examples.

Another one of those examples is Leo's Outpost on South Pennsylvania. Lansing City Pulse reported that Leo's Outpost closed its doors back in September of 2021. Since then, Leo's Outpost has sat empty, until now...

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Google Maps

A huge congratulations goes out to ReShane, Steven Lonzo, and their family, as they just finalized their purchase of the old Leo's Outpost!

They are very excited about their new adventure, which includes turning the old Leo's into The Comfort Zone Cigar Lounge & Bistro.

They've been working towards purchasing Leo's for the last 10 months and are looking forward to providing the Lansing area with a new experience.

Yep…we are the FIRST & currently ONLY 100% Black Owned Cigar Lounge that holds AND owns a cigar exemption license, liquor license, restaurant license AND lottery license at one venue within a 100 mile Radius!

It sounds like folks will be able to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and indulge in food, drink, and cigars. And soon too! As they state that they'll be opening in the spring of 2023.

Congratulations, again! It's amazing to see new, local businesses set up shop in Lansing.

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