I try to be funny sometimes. Sometimes I try too hard to be funny. A lot of the times I try, or try too hard, to be funny. My wife always says the same thing to me just about every time.

"You're not funny".

And granted there have been many times when I've given humor a shot when I write these articles for this website. Yeah, well sometimes it works and sometimes not. I'm telling you about all of this attempt at humor stuff because I want to make this perfectly clear.

I'm not joking about this. I'm being serious when I say I really hope the vandals who did the following didn't get an idea for it from a story I published here a couple weeks back about items being painted purple out in the woods or wherever. That paint is applied by property owners as the purple color means, "No Trespassing".

Here's where the paint in this story comes in. According to the Grand Ledge Police Department's Facebook page, between Fitzgerald Park and Island Park, the natural trail there was vandalized in a pretty big way. The vandals used pink paint, which they used to spray on concrete, trees and even the historic sandstone ledges there.

You'll want to take a look not only at the post about the vandalism on the Grand Ledge Police Department Facebook page, but there is also a corresponding post of security camera photos of people who were walking along the trail at what police think is around the time that the destruction of the property occurred.

If you have any information that could help the Grand Ledge Police solve this crime, go to their Facebook page here, or call GLPD at 517-627-2115.

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