I always love to learn of new restaurants opening in Michigan and especially in the Lansing area.  I am one of those folks that love all kinds of food and will eat anything off any menu.

When it comes to barbeque I have had some of the best.  Been to Memphis quite a few times and they are famous for it.  The good news is you don't have to go there for good barbeque, there are plenty of great places right here in Michigan.

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Ready For Barbecue in Grand Ledge?

Well if you are a fan of barbeque and are hungry for a classic pulled pork sandwich or some yummy ribs, you may want to head over to Grand Ledge to Crossroads Barbeque because they are now open at 508 Clinton St. according to fox47news.com.


Crossroads Barbecue started in Grand Ledge and was located Downtown.  The original building the restaurant was in was sold so when they purchased it they had to find a new location which is why the launch took longer.


Hop Over To Holt For Some Barbeque

Another one that is opening this weekend (Friday) is "Gravity Smokehouse & BBQ" at the old "Champions Sports Bar" 2440 Cedar St, Holt.  It will seat 153 people, plus there will be patio seating. You can dig into the tender brisket, mac, and cheese, pulled pork, ribs, Fresh collard greens, smoked green chili corn, and much more.

This new location is going from 1000 square feet to 5000 square feet. So if you're hungry for some great barbeque there you have a couple of good choices.

I will be trying them both.  Do you have a favorite in the Lansing area to recommend?

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