Good news - woolly mammoths will probably be walking around Siberia again - sometime in the next ten years.

And once they're up and walking around Siberia - my dream of bringing them to the Upper Peninsula can be realized. Last week, (the Siberian Times story is from last month) the  Northern-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) in Yakutsk, Russia announced plans for a "world-class paleo-genetic scientific center" where they will clone woolly mammoths, woolly rhinos, cave lions and ancient horses. According to, the Russians are working with the South Koreans and Professor George Church from Harvard University to make it all happen. Professor Church wants to use an artificial womb to grow a woolly mammoth/Asian elephant hybrid embryo and says the process will take 22 months.

Which, if you've ever seen any science fiction movies from the 50s, should not cause any concern whatsoever.

Good luck. I'll let the Russians get the bugs ironed out and wait until naturally born woolly mammoth and cave lion babies are running around - and then go to Siberia - put 'em down with tranquilizer darts and airlift them out in a C-17 to my park in the U.P.

Yes. I have spent some time - maybe too much time - coming up with this plan.


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