15,000 years ago, woolly mammoths roamed the frozen tundra of Michigan. Several mammoth skeletons have been found in Michigan - the most recent near Chelsea. 

And because there have been several frozen mammoths found in Siberia with enough wooly mammoth tissue to extract good DNA, scientists have been working for years on a way to create an Asian elephant with the physical characteristics of a woolly mammoth (a fuzzy elephant with big tusks) These creatures would be called mammophants.

According to the Guardian, at a meeting in Boston this week, the lead scientist on this project announced his team at Harvard is about two years away from producing a mammophant embryo. A living, baby mammophant may be a little further off - maybe ten years from now, according to the experts. But, hey - my dream of a "Banana Don Woolly Mammoth Park" is getting closer to reality.



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