The Michigan State Spartans faced the Iowa Hawkeyes last night in East Lansing. The Spartans walked away with a win, but the thing that stuck with me from the game was the Spartans keeping up with the Hawkeyes tradition.

Through a video on Fox Sports, I learned about the Kinnick Wave. It's a tradition where absolutely everyone inside Kinnick Stadium turns after the first quarter, and waves towards the adjacent Iowa Stead Children's Hospital. The children inside this hospital are facing life threatening illnesses, battling things like "cancer, heart disease, cystic fibrosis". This simple, but meaningful gesture helps to brighten the day of these kids. And maybe, for a moment, take their mind off their illness. Check out the video hereWarning, it will literally bring a tear (or more) to your eye.

The Spartans continued this amazing gesture this weekend, when everyone inside Spartan stadium turned to the cameras, and waved to the kids at the Children's Hospital. Check it our from Fox Sports, below!

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