When it comes to driving these days we can never play it too safe. Every time I see a bad accident, I start thinking how terrible it is, as I get an empty feeling in my stomach.  I have driven by a few bad ones since I have moved here to Michigan. It made me so sad as the ambulances raced to the scene, as I said a prayer. Then you start thinking, could it have been prevented?

We all know getting around Michigan, Lansing and Metro Detroit can be very hazardous at certain times behind the wheel. So we all need to pay attention and be aware of our surroundings. Maybe even avoid the troubled areas if we can spare the extra time.

According to fox47news.com so far this year, there have seen 221 deadly crashes on Michigan roadways. That’s 42 more deadly crashes compared to this time last year.

First, Lt. Shaw says it’s not the road itself making it deadly, but drivers. He says the big three factors contributing to deadly crashes are excessive speeding, following too closely and distracted driving.

These areas in Michigan are the ones we need to be extra careful on;

  • Detroit: Gratiot Avenue Between E Grand Blvd to 7 Mile
  • Flint: Dort Highway (M-54) Between E Pierson Road and E Morris Road
  • Grand Rapids: 28th St (M-11) Between Eastern Ave SE & Byron Center Ave
  • Detroit: I-75 Between I-96 and I-94 Interchange
  • Grand Rapids: US-131 Between Wealthy St SE and 44th St SW in Wyoming
  • Wayne County: Telegraph Road Grand River to Joy Road
  • Detroit: 7 Mile between Telegraph Road and John C Lodge Freeway
  • Ludington: US-10 between N Stiles Road and N Washington Ave
  • DTW: I-94 Between Viking Road and Telegraph Road
  • Detroit: East Davison Street Between Conant Street and I-96

Let's all be extremely careful driving this spring and summer, especially through those areas.

Also don't forget about detracted driving, a big cause of accidents. Click here for more on distracted driving.

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