Dear Michigan Drivers,

Let's all try and be a little more patient so we can all get to our destinations safely. Driving into work this morning not knowing the area, I saw that I needed to merge right. Okay, my bad. But the three cars that saw my blinker while I was trying to get over all sped up and wouldn't let me in. UGHHH.

I know that we are all just trying to get where we need to be as fast as possible, but come on. Let's all try and be a little more courteous.

A year ago, I was in Detroit and this car turned in front of me and almost ran me off the road. My first thought was to honk continually and flip him the bird, but for some reason I didn't.  The next stoplight, we both got stuck at the red light. When he lined up next to me on the right, he rolled his window down, and I was completely shocked by what happened next. The first thing I heard was an apology. Are you kidding me? He said, "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to cut you off. Please forgive me." I started to feel like an idiot because I almost flipped him off. As I was pulling away, I almost pulled into oncoming traffic because I was so surprised by what a nice man and gentleman he was.

I think we all can learn from this. Let's take our time and give other drivers courtesy even if they are in the wrong.

Do you have any good driving stories or things that really annoy you while driving? Send me a message through our app and let me know!

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