Friday night, a lady living near Aspen, CO came running when she heard her 5 year-old son screaming and arrived to see a mountain lion on top of her kid, with her son's head in the lion's mouth. So, according to the Star Tribune, she jumped on the lion and PRIED HIS JAWS OPEN. Thereby releasing her son's head and saving him. While the mountain lion ran off to ponder his life choices. You know the "bite force" of a mountain lion? Actually, it's about 350 pounds per square inch. That took some strength. And, by the way, she's fine - only a couple of bites and scratches.

The child went to the local hospital, before being transported to Children's Hospital of Denver - where, at last check, he was in fair condition.

Everybody - sheriff's deputies, doctors, nurses, listeners - were slack-jawed when they heard this story - as was the mountain lion.

Here's the story.


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