For moms wondering how to entertain their toddlers, we turn now to Master Harry Clark.

Harry Clark is 14 months old, British and prefers a mannequin head named "Baba" over stuffed animals.

According to the New York Post, Harry's mom, Ilarni, was looking for a way to help Harry go to sleep. Harry liked to play with Ilarni's hair as he drifted off to sleep (and Harry's dad is bald, so he was no help) To make it easier on herself, Ilarni went on Facebook and found a hairdresser's mannequin with the same color and length of hair as her own. Harry loved the mannequin head and was soon taking it with him wherever he went, "He won’t eat his breakfast or his meals unless the doll’s with him”, she says.

One of the problems? Sometimes (in a dark room, I'm assuming) Ilarni will lean in to kiss Harry and kiss "Baba the Head" instead - which freaks her out. The good news? Harry is now sleeping better.

And I'm sure this won't cause any problems in his adult life.

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