Somewhere in "rural Michigan" (maybe in our area?) Paul Fronczak just found out who he really is.

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In a story that's really stranger than fiction, Paul Fronczak was born in Chicago, in 1964. According to the Detroit Free Press, when Paul was only a day old, a woman came into his mom's hospital room, told her the doctor needed to check Paul and left. Never to be seen again. For two years the FBI conducted a nationwide search for Paul - and finally came up with good news. They had located an abandoned child in New Jersey, with ears that matched Paul's ears.

That's it. Nothing more. The ears matched (this was before DNA testing).

The FBI declared that the child in New Jersey was Paul Fronczak. Paul's parents, Chester and Dora adopted the baby and raised him into adulthood. Now living in Las Vegas, Paul took a DNA test in 2013 and found out he was NOT related to Chester and Dora. They didn't take this well, but according to 8NewsNow TV in Vegas, he started his own investigation, found his real family and found out his name is actually Jack Rosenthal.

The FBI reopened the case and (I'm assuming) thanks to current DNA science, the real Paul Fronczak, living here in Michigan, has been found and made aware of his true identity. The FBI hasn't confirmed that the case is closed, but the gentleman in question says he was contacted by the FBI and knows his identity. Just where exactly in Michigan he lives has not been released, but he has spoken to reporters from WGN in  Chicago who are respecting his privacy - for now.


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