Last week, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that 11 p.m. curfews for bars and restaurants expires on June 1.

I was actually talking to one of my friends about this the other day when we went out to eat. Do some restaurant and bar workers enjoy closing at 11 p.m. or are they looking forward to their hours returning to normal?

Maybe some don't mind because they still have the option to do something with their evenings if they want. While some have been worried about the loss of revenue with limited hours of operation.

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How owners and workers feel about this change

Mike Forsyth, co-owner and founder of the popular Detroit City Distillery in Eastern Market told the Detroit Free Press that he's looking forward to things getting back to normal.

We've seen more demand than ever as the weather has warmed up. Being able to operate after 11 p.m. means that Detroit nightlife will come back to life — and we're so ready for it.

While some restaurant owners are excited, some haven't given the curfew lift much thought like Brandon Richardson, co-owner of the Uptown Grille in Commerce Township. He says that they're still struggling to get the restaurant fully staffed.

We are spread so thin and struggling to have the correct amount of staff. If we had the correct staff and it was lifted tomorrow, we would take advantage of it. Especially on the weekend.

Uptown Grille isn't the only restaurant having staffing issues. Steve Mallie, owner of Mallie's Sports Grill in Southgate has been offering $1,000 to $2,000 signing bonuses for individuals looking for employment and is still having a hard time finding workers.

You can read both stories on the Detroit Free Press' website.

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