Another day, another scam we have to worry about.

I mean come on, it never ends. First it was scammers going after individuals trying to set up their new streaming devices, then COVID-19 surveys.

Did they stop there? Nope, then there was the consumer energy scam where they were threatening to turn off people's power.

No they're going after individuals who are currently unemployed.

If you receive a text message or email from someone claiming they are with Michigan's Unemployment Agency, do not click on it, you're at risk of your identity being stolen.

People have been receiving messages stating that they may lose their benefits if they don't click on the link provided.

Attorney General Dana Nessel told MLive that these scammers are using a website that looks similar to the Michigan Unemployment Agency's website.

These sites trick people into thinking they’re applying for or certifying their UIA benefits; instead, they wind up giving scammers their personal information.

Nessel says that the UIA is only connecting with individuals by mail or their MiWAM account. However, if you have received one of these messages and are unsure if it's the UIA contacting you, you can try reaching out to the agency for confirmation.

If you believe you or someone you know may have had their identity stolen, please report it to the UIA.

For more information on the story, visit MLive's website.

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