The Cicadas are coming! The Cicadas are coming!

Trillions of Cicadas have been growing underground for the last 17 years, and this spring they're all about to come out at the same time. The group of Cicadas growing right now is known to scientists as "Brood 10". They've been in hibernation, but they'll wake up this spring and Michigan is one of the states expected to see a huge increase in Cicada action.

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Michigan is among the states that can expect to see up to 1.5 Million Cicadas per acre when they hatch. The Cicadas are expected to make their debut near the end of May or early June. Once temperatures are averaging 64 degrees, and a warm rain falls. According to scientists Michigan, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio are all going to see and hear the bugs.

The hearing part is what bothers most people when it comes to the Cicadas. They are extremely loud when trying to mate, and that's exactly what this group of Cicadas will be doing when they wake up. The noise level can get up to 100 decibels which is roughly the same as a motorcycle engine. The good news is that the Cicadas have an extremely short life span. Once they find their mate and lay eggs, it's time to say goodbye.

Many people worry about the safety issues with Cicadas, but there really isn't anything to worry about. There's no danger to humans or small animals, in fact most animals love that the bugs are coming because it turns into an easy meal. If you're still nervous about the Cicadas, check out the video below. It will put your fears to rest.


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