So, by now you have heard about the trillions of cicadas that have started to creep up from the ground. Yep, for the first time in 17 years, here comes the Brood X.  Now here is the creepy part. I can live with cicadas, but I cannot stand snakes. Yes, it's not those silly bugs you have to worry about, it is those slimy snakes! We all need to keep our eyes open for copperhead snakes.  They heard the rumor that one of their favorite proteins is now on the menu. YIKES!

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States With More Copperheads

According to, many states are gonna be home to many more copperhead snakes than usual. Yes, Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana are all on the 15 state list.

Entomologist Ryan Smith, a pest control expert, says cicadas are a top-choice snack for many species of snakes, but the Brood X emergence has aligned especially well with the copperhead snake's mating season. With food at the ready, copperhead snakes can focus on mating.

What To Do If You See a Copperhead

Here is what to keep in mind if you see a copperhead snake. These types of snakes are venomous, but the good news is their bites are rarely fatal to people. We are most likely to run into these critters at night or right after the rain, especially when it's hot and humid. This is exactly the weather right now in Michigan. If you do see a copperhead snake, here is what to do. Back up slowly and give the snake some room (Me, I may run, lol). They normally only strike if they feel threatened or are being hunted.

So have a great time outdoors, have fun, and be safe my friends.

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