According to the Detroit News, David Keellings, an assistant professor of geography at the University of Alabama, has been awarded a $340,000 grant to "develop models to help predict when and where heat waves will occur." He must have friends at Michigan State because researchers here are going to help on the project. It makes sense, with all the problems heat waves cause in agriculture. Plus, it'll give David a nice, cool place to work from in the summer (have you ever been in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the summer? Brutal.)

Says Keellings, “We’re trying to think about heat waves as events with spatial dimensions as opposed to simply thinking of its temperature.” So, I guess the idea would be to think of a heat wave as a meteorological event, much like a tropical storm or hurricane?

Just don't let the Weather Channel start naming them.

(I know. "Nick Saban" and "hot air." Let's just avoid the obvious jokes)

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