Michigan has really been getting hit with some frigid and snowy winter conditions. I mean, I know it's Michigan, and that's kind of par for the course at this point in winter. However, it was so cold a couple of weeks ago that my doorwall froze shut and it took nearly three days before it warmed up enough for me to unstick it.

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It's for that reason that I don't mind at all when I hear we might have some warmer temperatures on the way.

Michigan Can Expect Warm Temperatures to Kick Off February

For those who are sick of the snow and cold, you're in luck, because the start of February looks like it'll be much warmer than late. Not only warmer, but there are couple of days in the lineup that nearly reach 50 degrees.


According to the Weather Channel, the first 10 days of February will see highs mostly hovering in the low to high 40s, with just a couple of days that will dip down into the high 30s.

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Accuweather paints an even warmer picture, with only one day dipping below 41 degrees for the high.

Farmers Almanac Predictions for Spring in Michigan

I can handle the cold, and I can handle the snow, but I am not a fan of the ice or frigid windchill, so I don't mind these warmer temperatures. However, they may not stick around for very long according to the Farmers Almanac.

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Apparently, Michigan will head into a "Polar Coaster Spring", which calls for many days of cold temps. Take a more in-depth look at the 2024 Spring outlook here.

15 Reasons Why Spring Is Genuinely Michigan's Worst Season

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