When it comes to clothes and style, I don't follow any rulebook. I just pick things I like along the way, and worry about how to put them together later.

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Most of the time, I usually end up rocking something comfy and casual, I dub it the "hot Adam Sandler mom look. It usually consists of sweatpants and whatever t-shirt or sweatshirt my baby hasn't spit up on yet.

And while I might be looking for fashion tips, if you are, StyleSeat says you should look at certain college campuses.

Which College Has the Most Stylish Campus?

StyleSeat recently analyzed over 6,000 geo-tagged Instagram pics to take a look at the styles sweeping across college campuses. Who's in high fashion? Who's in comfy-cozy sweats? And everyone in between.

From this data, we learned that two Michigan universities have left a mark on the fashion world, in different ways; one university one of the most fashionable, and the other not.

Let's start with the university that ranked in the top 10 for most fashionable in America, and that's...

Photo via McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing
Photo via McConnell Adams, Townsquare Media Lansing

Michigan State University!

MSU is One of the Most Fashionable College Campuses in America

Michigan State University comes in at number 9 for the top 10 most fashionable schools.

Conversely, the University of Michigan ranked for one of the least fashionable schools in America. It's the 11th least fashionable school out of least fashionable 25 schools. Turns out, "Big Brother's" sense of style isn't too good.

If you want to see how other colleges across the nation stack up, check out the full ranking HERE.

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