The Michigan Lottery's made at least 42 new millionaires so far in 2023 via a variety of scratchers, national lotteries and other in-store and online games.

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As you might expect, most of the winners - but not all - are concentrated in the southernmost parts of the state, where the population is more highly concentrated. Northern Michigan had winners, and there was at least one winner in the Upper Peninsula!

Michigan's Biggest Lottery Winners of 2023

The majority of the Michigan Lottery's new millionaires this year won exactly $1,000,000 on their respective games. However, there were several players who exceeded that, including:

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What Michigan Lottery Game Makes the Most Millionaires?

According to resources made public on the Michigan Lottery's website, it would appear that the national lottery games - Powerball (9) and Mega Millions (5) - are responsible for making the most Michigan Lottery millionaires.

Among state-exclusive games, Lotto 47 has been responsible for making 6 millionaires so far in 2023.

Check out where this year's Michigan Lottery millionaires have been made.

These Are the Places That Have Sold Million-Dollar Michigan Lottery Tix in 2023

From scratchers to state lotto games to the national lotteries, Michigan's got 42 new millionaires so far in 2023 thanks to the Michigan Lottery. Here are the stores that sold those winning tickets.

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