NASCAR looked a bit different this year and it looks like changes will be continuing into 2021, especially here in Michigan.

Instead of the usual two races at Michigan International Speedway between June and August, according to MLive, there will be only one NASCAR Cup Series race at the track in the 2021 season.

Despite growing up 15 minutes from the track and working at the grocery store less than a mile from there for years, I absolutely lived for race weekends at MIS. Whether I was working and meeting race fans from all over or actually at the races, I love it all.

When I did make it out for a race, I know I only ever made it out for one of the two, usually the June one and sadly, as MLive reported, the June race is the one getting the boot.

"NASCAR announced an overhauled schedule for 2021, taking away races from tracks like MIS and adding new tracks to the lineup." MLive reported. "The lone MIS Cup Series race is Sunday, Aug. 22 – the second-to-last race before the playoffs begin."

At least MLive is not alone in losing a race, it sure doesn't make it any less of a bummer!

My boyfriend Jordan, who he and his family have long-standing family traditions surrounding NASCAR, wondered why MIS officials did not offer to open up the road course or something similar.

This all comes on the heels of cancelled races at the track in 2020 only to be replaced with a single weekend of spectator-less racing and one of the track's biggest money-makers, Faster Horses, being cancelled.

It breaks up a long-standing traditions in the city of Brooklyn and while some businesses may take a hit without another weekend of traffic, others really don't mind...much like the locals.

When it comes to next year's changes, MLive shared that any fans who already had tickets for either of the races that were supposed to happen in 2020 can exchange them to use for the August 2021 one!

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