Going to a professional sporting event can get expensive depending on a lot of different factors. A lot of that pricing has to deal with your ticket of admission to the game and the rest is management, so food, drinks, parking, etc.  Some sports tickets are more expensive than others, the parking in some cities is much more expensive than others, and food can push the bill fairly quickly.

Living in Michigan, there are some advantages to the sports teams not being the best, mostly that paying to attend a game day can become relatively affordable. Research done by Sidelines shows the most expensive NFL gamedays in the country and where the Detroit Lions fall among this list. As mentioned earlier, because of their production the Lions come in at a favorable spot.

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It's no secret that the Lions haven't won much in the NFL since the 1950s and team success has a direct correlation to ticket pricing. Granted, the team does still get away with charging more for rivalry games and games where star talent will be coming into town. Nonetheless, the Lions rank toward the bottom of the NFL in gameday pricing just like they do in just about every other statistical category.

Sidelines' study was done by taking in the price of an average ticket, beer, hot dog, and parking for one fan to attend a game. The Lions were rated in the bottom 25% of the NFL at 24th with an average price of $144.39 for one game. This breaks down to a $91.89 ticket, a $6.25 beer and hot dog, and a $40 parking spot. That doesn't seem too bad to me.

Other midwest teams came in with some interesting ratings as well. The Ohio teams, Cincinnati and Cleveland were ranked 26th and 30th, both beneath the Lions. Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts squeeze in right above the Lions at 23rd, while the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers were well above the rest at 14th and 9th respectively.

At the end of the day, I know it's not fun to see your team lose, it's hard to deal with a team that has a losing legacy, and it can get boring, but with prices like these for not only the tickets but the food and drinks, it might be well worth it. You can always find ways to make the game fun even if your team isn't winning.

Go to more Lions games, they're cheap.

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