Tomorrow (Friday) is December 23rd. The day all true Seinfeld fans celebrate as "Festivus".

According to, the real Festivus was created in 1966 by a man named Daniel O'Keefe, as a way to celebrate the anniversary of the first date with his wife. The original Festivus had no set date. It could be celebrated at any time of the year. The crazy thing is, according to Mr O' Keefe's son Dan, “The reality of the holiday was too peculiar to show on television."

Nobody would have ever know about Festivus, if Dan hadn't become a staff writer for the Seinfeld TV show. And we still wouldn't have known about it then, if Dan's brother hadn't told the other writers about Festivus.

Here's the true story of Festivus.

And here's the Seinfeld version - IMO - one of network TV's finest moments:



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