I make no secret of it - I think Seinfeld is the funniest TV show of all time. But, without Jason Alexander, I don't know if I'd be saying that. And as funny as George Costanza was on that show, it has to be frustrating to Jason Alexander to be so tied in to that character that few people realize just how talented he truly is. Here's a chance to find out for yourself. According to MLive.com, Jason will be in Detroit to perform with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra on November 2nd and 3rd. Jason's show is about his life as an actor on Broadway, where he's been a Tony - award winning performer.There will be comedy, show tunes and audience interaction.

And let's not forget his starring role in the Brad Paisley music video for "Online",  with Maureen McCormick and William Shatner. And the country version of Taylor Swift singing backup for him:


The venue is Orchestra Hall in Detroit. Here's the ticket info.

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