It's that time of year again - everyone in Michigan is looking forward to spring and summer. Even the coyotes. According to the Detroit Free Press, our friends at the Michigan DNR want to remind you that we're at the tail end of breeding season for coyotes and soon they'll be looking for food for their pups.

And the article doesn't say it, but I will - coyotes love small dogs and cats. And I don't mean as playmates. DNR furbearer specialist Adam Bump reminds everyone that, just like bears where they are common, coyotes re highly adaptable and might get too comfortable around humans if the food's easy to find. That means trash bins, bird feeders and pet food. And pets.

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And one final piece of advice from Adam. "He says people should never to try to tame coyotes". Crazy thing is - you KNOW the DNR probably has to deal with that all the time.

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