You could have probably bought the new "Bacon-Wrapped Pizza" at your local Little Caesars this weekend. According to, the rest of America had to wait until today (Feb. 23) Why? Because, lucky you, Little Caesars is based in Detroit, with it's HQ in the Fox Theater Building. So, quit whining about the 30 below wind chill and celebrate the fact you got bacon on your pizza before the rest of the world, I had some Saturday at LaFontaine Ford. I'm a big fan.

What I did NOT know, is that Little Caesars had a secret (until recently) research and development kitchen located somewhere in Comerica Park - right across the street. And (IMO) that could be the greatest job in the food industry. "Hey, how's the game going downstairs?" "I don't know - I'm still working on DOUBLE BACON and beer flavored bread sticks"

Who knows what they'll come up with next? The "Bacon-Wrapped Pizza" will only be around until April.



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