Did you say bacon? I eat bacon at least 3 or 4 times a week, mostly for breakfast. I would be very happy to get bacon as a Christmas gift.  Some bad gifts you may receive this year are ugly sweaters, neck ties, coffee mugs, scarves, robes, candles, socks, or weird jewelry. But really, I don't think of any gift as a bad one if the heart is in the right place.  Homemade gifts will be popular this year as well since many folks are hurting a bit financially this year. Check out more on that here.

If you would like to trade in a bad gift for bacon, check this out from Pennlive.com:

You could swap socks, mugs, robes, ties, scarfs, ugly sweaters, candles and unusual jewelry, for a year’s supply of Wright’s bacon. From Dec. 30 (National Bacon Day) to Jan. 15, all you have to do is share your undesirable gift and a description on Wright’s Instagram and Twitter channels for the chance to win a year’s supply of hand trimmed, thick cut, wood smoked bacon.

I would swap a gift I really like for a year's supply of my pork favorite. I like mine well done and crispy.

My favorite breakfast is a half pound or so of burnt bacon. Also a Thomas English muffin well done, topped with cream cheese and grape jelly.  Come on, you know your mouth is watering.

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