How fun was it growing up and wondering what we were gonna find under the tree on Christmas morning. I had eight brothers and sisters, so my parents did not have an easy task. Especially with a small budget. Moms may love Christmas, but they definitely don't love the gifts that lead to more work, noise, or things that are gonna try their patience. Times have changed too from when we were kids, not only with electronics and gifts but with tradition.

While it's not hard to think of all the wonderful things kids want for Christmas, we also need to consider what Moms will put up with this year according to

While it's not hard to think of a million things kids would want, we also need to consider what’s on their moms' allowed — and forbidden — gift list. There's no point in spending money on something their mom’s going to disassemble or conveniently "lose" in a month.

Here are some things Mom may not want under the tree this year:

  • A Live Creature of Any Sort
  • Sugary Candy
  • Gifts That are Hard To Assemble
  • Toys With Batteries (For Pre-school or Younger)
  • Nerf Guns
  • Musical Instruments (I think you can guess why...)
  • Violent Games

So what is the one gift you would never give your kids? Is there a gift you gave that you SO regret?

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